Car Wash Services and Prices

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Select from 3 Varieties of Car Wash Services:
Lite Touch  |  Touch Free AutomaticSelf Service

Lite Touch Car Wash MOST POPULAR
The most powerful automatic car wash in New England guaranteed not to scratch.

If you’re seeking the most comprehensive car wash with a Scratch-free Guarantee, then choose the Lite Touch. It provides the most thoroughly clean car wash, including a robust undercarriage wash and wheel scrubbing. The state-of-the-art Lite Touch equipment is the most powerful car wash in New England; available only at Flo’s Auto Bath.

The Lite Touch Car Wash is the foundation of our Scratch-free Guarantee.
Prices:  | $10 | $12 | $14 |

Touch Free Automatic Car Washes
For customers who prefer their vehicles not be touched, we welcome you into our touchless automatic car wash bays. Flo’s Touch Free Automatics boast a high-pressure wash, as well as a powerful undercarriage wash; removing all of the harmful elements that eat away at the heart of your vehicle.
Prices:  | $8 | $10 | $12 |

Did you know?

Washing your vehicle at home typically takes 70 gallons of water, whereas at Flo’s Auto Bath, it takes less than 35 gallons.

Self Service Car Washes/Do-It-Yourself Hand Car Wash
For customers who enjoy washing their own vehicles, motorcyclists, those with trailers, or the few vehicles that may not fit through our automatic car washes, we welcome you into our self service bays. They’re stocked with high-pressure wash hoses and powerful blow dryers. Price:  $3 for 5 Minutes

World-class Vacuums; Dirt Wanted!

Deep Cleaning Vacuums
For customers seeking a meticulously deep carpet cleaning, Flo’s vacuum island is home to four dirt-hungry vacuums. What’s more, two stations include carpet shampooers and deodorizer sprays.

“These aren’t just any vacuums …”